About Us

What is iwitness24?

It is an exciting new way for readers to share their content with us. Photos, videos and your stories – we want to hear from you so you can help us shape the news of the day.

If you enter iwitness24 via one of our title websites then you will be shown the regional page relevant to you. This can be changed if you so wish. If you go directly to www.iwitness24.co.uk then you get to choose which region you would like to see on your subsequent visits to the platform.

Why choose iwitness24?

As a local media company, we are always looking to get closer to the communities we serve. Our readers are our lifeblood and iwitness24 gives you the chance to be at the heart of our newsroom, providing us with the stories and photos that matter to you.

Who is iwitness24?

iwitness24 is an Archant project so, although it is a separate platform, it feeds into our newsrooms – get ready to see your stories on our websites and in our newspapers.

Where can you find iwitness24?

We’ve got pages for our communities in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, London, Weston-super-Mare and Exeter.